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The Personal History Index for former child migrants
to catholic homes in Australia
1938 - 1965

General Information

If you came to Australia as a child migrant, you were one of 1,114 other children from Britain and Malta - 198 girls, and 916 boys.

Nearly 800 childen came from Britain and around 300 from Malta. A small number of other children, originally from Britain, transferred from Fairbridge Farm or Tasmania.

Children were as young as three, or as old as sixteen years when they left their homeland. The largest group are now between 55 and 65 years of age.

What is PHIND?

The Christian Brothers, the Sisters of Mercy, and the Poor Sisters of Nazareth have developed a computerised index that details the location of records held in Australia for former child migrants to Catholic Homes between 1938 and 1965. This computerised index is known as PHIND - the Personal History INDex.

The first group of migrants came from Britain in 1938, the last of the children came from Malta in 1965. PHIND will assist these people to locate records about themselves that are held by church or government agencies. PHIND may also be of assistance to descendants of former child migrants.Top

Who Might Be Interested In PHIND?

PHIND will be of interest to former child migrants from Britain and Malta who came between 1938 and 1965 to the following Homes:
Nazareth House, Geraldton
St. Joseph's and St. Vincent's, Leederville
St. Mary's, Tardun
St. Joseph's, Bindoon
Clontarf Top

Four Parts to PHIND

Personal Details
Date and place of birth, details of death, parents' names, if known.

Migration Details
Age at departure, shipping details, name and location of sending Order (e.g. Sisters of Nazareth) in the UK and Malta, and the destination Order (e.g. Christian Brothers) in WA.

Residence in WA
Initial desitination (e.g. St Joseph's, Castledare) and transfers between Schools and Homes.

Location of Records

Details of where people can go to access the following records about themselves:

Medical/social records (excluding hospital records)
Educational records
Photos of themselves as children
Baptismal and Birth Certificates held by catholic agencies
Immigration records
An indication of whether there might be information held on this person in Britain.

Accessing PHIND is the first step in locating records about yourself as a child. The amount and quality of records held about individual former child migrants will vary. Top

Accessing PHIND...

PHIND is a confidential index. Only former child migrants or their nominated representatives are able to access it. Please telephone for an appointment and to find out what identification or authorisation you must bring with you.

Department for Community Development, Family Information and Records Bureau, East Perth
Phone (08) 9222 2777 (Within Australia)
+61 8 9222 2777 (Outside Australia)
C-BERS Services, Fremantle
Phone: (08) 9433 3644 or Freecall 1800 621 805 (Within Australia)
+61 8 9433 3644 (Outside Australia)
Catholic Migrant Centre, Perth
Phone: (08) 9221 1727 (Within Australia)
+61 8 9221 1727 (Outside Australia)
Child Migrants Trust, Nedlands
Phone: (08) 9386 3605 (Within Australia)
+61 8 9386 3605 (Outside Australia)
National Archives of Australia, East Victoria Park
Phone: (08) 9470 7500 (Within Australia)
+61 8 9470 7500 (Outside Australia)
Christian Brothers (Westcourt), Manning
Phone: (08) 9365 2800 (Within Australia)
+61 8 9365 2800 (Outside Australia)

Further information on child migration to Australia since Federation can be found in the National Archives of Australia publication, Good British Stock: Child and Youth Migration to Australia 1901-83, published 1999.

Let Us Know...

If you require further information on PHIND, or wish to access it, please send us a note (and include your email address) and we will get back to you.

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